MMMAD is Madrid’s Urban Digital Art Festival of Madrid, based on the exhibition, dissemination and thought around digital creation. Focused on the intersection between digital culture and public space, the festival has a program made up of exhibitions, installations, calls, workshops and meetings throughout the city.

MMMAD is a project of the creative studio HYPER STUDIO and the contemporary culture platform Finding Art Madrid,  created with the mission of:

Bringing digital art closer to the general public, through the development of actions in the public space, outdoors.
Innovating in formats and spaces for digital art, creating hybrid experiences between the physical and digital worlds that escape from conventional formats.
Transforming the public space into a space for digital art, turning urban supports for advertising use into cultural spaces.
Supporting emerging talent, programming young artists and creators alongside established national and international artists.

MMMAD is organized and curated by Aida Salán, Cristóbal Baños and Diego Iglesias, together with a committee of experts that varies with each edition.

Aida Salán Sierra @aida_salan is an architect, researcher, designer and cultural manager who bases her practice and her interests on aspects such as transfers between the digital and the material.

Cristóbal Baños @cristobalbahe is an expert in design for new media and the digital environment, with a special interest in interactive environments, web developer and teacher who operates between the physical and the digital.

Diego Iglesias @diegoiggo is an architect, cultural manager, communicator, researcher, teacher and interdisciplinary designer who operates between the physical and the digital.

We have received the 10x10 Awards for Cultural Innovation in Public 19 (2019), we have been part of the Imagine Creativity Center thanks to the support of the Banco Sabadell Foundation (2019), we have been speakers at the 4YFN Congress of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona (2019), we have received the Public Funding for Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries from the Ministry of Culture (2019), we have won the National Young Entrepreneurs Competition of INJUVE (2020) and we have received the Grants for artistic research, creation and production in the visual arts field of the Ministry of Culture (2021).