Program 2021

–30 April → Send your submission now!
Open Call 'AR Art in Instagram Filters'

–23 May → Medialab Prado
Open Call 'Program the plaza'

1–31 May → OnlineMMMAD online

1–31 May → Palacio de la PrensaIndividual exhibition by Natalia Stuyk

3 May → Sala Equis
Kick-off of MMMAD Festival

4–13 May → La Casa On
Workshop 'Naked and Digital' with Pau Jiménez and Andrea Muniaín

5–25 May → Roca Madrid Gallery
Group exhibition 'Fluids'

5–19 May → La Casa On
Workshop 'Political and digital', with Cris Argüelles and Aida Salán

7 May → Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Conference ‘New spaces for digital art’

7–21 May → La Casa On

Workshop 'Urban and digital', with Desmusea

13–16 May → DOMO360
Immersive screenings 'ARAN360’ x ARAN and rtve lab

15–31 May → Casa Antillón
Group exhibition ‘Rebel Soft’

1–18 May → Habitación Número 34
Exhibition and performance ‘El aire que media’

Individual exhibition by Natalia Stuyk

1–31 May → Súper 8 Media Screens at Palacio de la Prensa

During the month of May, the huge screens of Super 8 Media, located on the façade of the mythical Palacio de la Prensa building on Gran Vía, become innovative cultural devices showing the works of the Anglo-Spanish artist Natalia Stuyk.

Natalia Stuyk is a pioneering new media artist specializing in video and installations. Her work explores escapism, ritual behaviors, and impossible worlds. She is currently working on interactive projects and installations, creating a symbiosis between the real and the digital, that encompass new technologies and move away from conventional digital video.

This screen, the only screen that has visibility from the Plaza de Callao and covers both directions of Madrid's Gran Vía, will house a series of works by the artist -among them an unpublished work- that can be seen at different times of the day , from May 1 to 31.