Bubble Vision, Lauren Moffatt

_2B space to be --> 5–31 May, 2023

_2B space to be, exhibition space of the architecture and design studio Moneo Brock in Prosperidad, joins MMMAD Festival for the first time presenting a solo exhibition of the Australian artist Lauren Moffatt. This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of The Liminal.

Entitled 'Bubble Vision', this exhibition brings together Moffatt's latest works, exploring the fragility of the realities that we so carefully create and that can crumble at any moment. The show proposes a multifaceted journey through a selection of works ranging from the physical to augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Moffatt fabricates complex and detailed universes, often occupied by dissociated, maladjusted or reclusive characters and populated by strange devices and artefacts. These worlds often take the form of speculative fictions and environments, constantly shifting and replete with visual contradictions, as they are conceived in the mix of obsolete and pioneering technologies.

Lauren Moffatt is an Australian artist working with immersive environments and experimental narrative practices. Her works, often presented in hybrid and iterative forms, explore the paradoxical subjectivity of connected bodies and the fine boundary between virtual and organic life. Seeking to create unexpected textures and contours in digital spaces, the artist develops her own experimental techniques, playing with algorithms and digital tools to "sculpt the digital error". In 2021 she received the DKB VR Art Prize (DE). Lauren's works have most recently been exhibited at Haus am Lützowplatz (DE), Le Grand Palais Ephémère (FR), La Gaïté Lyrique (FR), SXSW (US), UNSW Galleries (AU), Daegu Art Museum (KOR), SAVVY Contemporary (DE), FACT Liverpool (UK) The Sundance Film Festival (USA), ZKM (DE), ZKM (DE), FACT Liverpool (UK), The Sundance Film Festival (US), ZKM (DE), ZKM (US), ZKM (DE), ZKM (US), ZKM (DE), ZKM (DE), ZKM (DE), ZKM (DE). ZKM (DE), Q21 Freiraum (AT) and at Hartware MedienkunstVerein (DE). Lives and works in Berlin and Valencia.