Cuando las paredes dejen de llorar, Mario Santamaría

Space: NAVESIERRRA (C. de la Divina Pastora 23, 28034 Madrid)

Dates: 9 – 31 Mayo, 2024.
Schedule: to schedule a guided tour, write us to

Artist: Mario Santamaría

Curated by: Aida Salán y Guillermo Esteban

NAVESIERRRA presents Cuando las paredes dejen de llorar (When the walls stop weeping), the first solo exhibition of the artist Mario Santamaría in Madrid. The site-specific installation delves into the interests that characterise Santamaría's work. His artistic practice is based on making transparent, making visible, and even embodying, the different processes of digital data distribution and the infrastructures that support them. In this way, Santamaría gives body to the algorithmic procedures of the invisible digital space-time, not from a desire to solve the problem but to embody the disillusionment inherent in these technologies.