Digital Art in the City

MMMAD Festival in collaboration with Clear Channel and the Creative Campus of the Universidad Europea are launching the biggest open call for digital art in public space to date, inviting digital creators from all over the world to submit 10-second works that respond to the theme of this edition "i'm feeling lucky / voy a tener suerte" and that will be exhibited on more than 400 screens throughout Madrid during the month of May, transforming the whole city into a large open-air museum.

The call for entries will be open from 20 March to 20 April. A jury of experts will select 30 finalists who will see their works displayed on Clear Channel screens in Madrid and will award three €500 prizes thanks to the support of the Creative Campus of the Universidad Europea.


Lola Zoido, Nina Muro, Vanessa Murrell


–       20 March – 20 April, 2024: open call submissions
–       26 April, 2024: Jury announcement
–       1 – 31 May, 2024: Exhibition in Madrid


1.     Alejandro Vazquez García (ES), 'feeling lucky'

2.    Alfacenttauri (Felipe Sepúlveda) (CL), 'Ether Rave'

3.    Alvsmonster (Álvaro Ruiz) (ES), ‘Lucky Ducky Bath’

4.    Amets Del Rio Eugui (ES), ‘Razón frente al desafío’

5.    Blanca Tejerina Peces (ES), ‘Monkey Trail’

6.    Danni Zheng (CN), ‘Postmodern Serendipity’

7.     Diana Carmenate (CU), ‘Visiones’

8.    Erfan Amiri (IR), ‘The Lucky Dice-Bots’

9.    Guoshi Rodríguez Comesaña, Alejandro Valencia Gómez y Sebastián De Diego López (ES), ‘La Espiral’

10.  Irene Gaumé (ES), ‘Landescapes’

11.   Jeci Chen (TW), ‘English’

12.  Julieta Bao(ES), ‘Better Future’

13.  Katharina Ammann (RO), ‘Mechanical Turk’

14.  Los Romeras (ES), ‘Lucky Cats’

15.  Lucas Burgos Sequeros (ES), ‘Up and out’

16.  Lucía Rojo (ES), ‘El Cardo (v1)’

17.  Marcos Ausejo (ES), ‘ad1ctalC3LL’

18.  Marisa Müsing (CA), ‘Stuck in the Motherboard’

19.  Luca Barrios Lumbreras (BE), ‘Inercia’

20. Pablo Aragón Pérez (ES), ‘In the flesh’

21.  PITCH STUDIOS (AU), ‘Through the Fleshy Fields’

22. Roxi Basa (FR), ‘The Heart of the Machine’

23. Sandra Ruiz López (ES), ‘Un mundo digital donde cuidarnos’

24. Santiago Colombo Migliorero (AR), ‘A ciegas’

25. Sara Isabel Álvarez Aragonés (ES), ‘How i see the world after’

26. Shabely Acebo Estévez (CU), ‘Tropical Trip’

27. Thalia Escribano Caballero (ES), ‘Techy Tales Among the Bodies’

28. Kat Zhang (CN), ‘The Reflective Entity’

29. Valeria Baret Argila (ES), ‘Bajo Llave’

30. Victor Pérez-Pallarès Setó (ES), ‘Cute Classism, Sweet Fascism’

These works have been selected for their high artistic quality, seeking heterogeneity of techniques and highlighting the multiplicity of conceptual lines within the theme of the call. The jury highlighted the high quality and heterogeneity of the 30 proposals, deciding after a round of debate to award the three prizes to:

1.     Alejandro Vazquez García (ES), 'feeling lucky'

2.   Marisa Müsing (CA), ‘Stuck in the Motherboard’

3.    Thalia Escribano Caballero (ES), ‘Techy Tales Among the Bodies’

Read the jury's report here.