Digital Dreams

HYPER HOUSE --> 13–31 May, 2023

HYPER HOUSE, an independent space specialising in artistic practices that address transfers between the physical and the digital, will host the group exhibition 'Digital Dreams' presenting a selection of virtual reality works developed by students of the Bachelor Media & Interaction Design at ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne. This project is supported by the Swiss Embassy.

Virtual reality (VR) is an innovative and rapidly growing field that combines traditional art forms with cutting-edge technology. It creates immersive and interactive experiences that transport viewers to new worlds and engage them in new ways. As VR technology advances, we can see increasingly exciting and innovative art installations and experiences. This exhibition presents a series of immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. Visitors will encounter breathtaking landscapes, fantastic creatures and mind-blowing visual effects that will transport them to other worlds.

Works: CAPTIVUS, Marine Dang y Jamy Herrmann / Beyond Observation, Théo Déchanez y Luca Riva / In Loving Memory, Mallaury Genet e Ignacio Pérez / Quantum, Kylan Luginbühl / Run, Basil Dénéréaz, Sébastien Galera Larios y Julie Ryser / Sonate Mécanique, Elodie Anglade y Soraya Camina / Supercity, Paul Lëon y Aurélien Pellegrini / Incident, Julien Caulet y Paul Dorsaz / A blob story, Odran Jobin y Sacha Décoppet

Head Bachelor Media & Interaction Design : Pauline Saglio. Teachers : Sami Benhadj, Vincent Jacquier. Teaching assistants : Elodie Anglade, Martial Grin, Léonard Guyot, Jamy Herrmann, Kylan Luginbühl, Achille Masson, Sébastien Matos.

ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne, regularly ranked among the top ten art and design universities in the world, constantly challenges itself to offer its students solutions to contemporary problems while looking to the future. The Bachelor Media & Interaction Design programme is part of this philosophy through its approach to new technologies and its interest in artificial intelligence in the world of design. Prospective, pragmatic and experimental, this degree course is taught within the Department of Visual Communication.