Digital art beyond screens, opening of MMMAD 2022

Date and time 
→ May 4, 20:00–22:00

→ HYPER HOUSE (C. Ramón Sainz, 22, local, 28025 Madrid)

We inaugurate the 2022 edition of MMMAD with an event at HYPER HOUSE, where we will count with the presence of the artists, curators and participating institutions to artists, curators and participating institutions to present this year's official programme. present the official programme of this edition.

We will present the performative installation 'Paisaje Sonoro' by the collective Akyute; the site-specific installation S.E.A. (Stimulated Emissions by Amplification) by Lébora Devy & Matito Pereira, an installation by the collective casa antillón, and a live DJ session by Akazie, as well as the opening of the NFTs exhibition 'In between the space of desert leaves and cold rays of light' with curator Zaiba Jabbar and metaverse designer Felina H.DB.

All attendees will receive as a gift a digital artwork in NFT format by the artist Felina H.DB, creator of the visual universe of MMMAD 2022.

Access with invitation.