Dis-play Traces,  Casa Antillón

→ Workshop: 20 and 27 April, 2 and 6 May
→ Installation: May 13–31
→ Opening: May 13, 20:00. With the presence of the artists.

→ TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes (C. de Recoletos, 22, 28001 Madrid)

TAI Escuela Universtaria de Artes is once again part of MMMAD Festival with a multi-media installation by the art collective casa antillón, which will transform its front window into a space for art. Under the title Dis-play Traces, casa antillón proposes to create and document a choreographed artistic intervention together with students from this school.

We can think that, in contemporary artistic production, the register has taken a central position. Through photographs, videos, interviews, stories or texts, the content of the piece is communicated to the public, who can have a physical experience without ever attending the event. Sometimes, this record becomes an artistic piece in itself, blurring the boundary between process and result.

If you study at TAI and want to be part of the workshop, click this link.