Drag Up, Pablo Durango

TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes --> 10–31 May, 2023

TAI Escuela Universtaria de Artes is once again taking part in the MMMAD Festival with a multi-media installation by the artist Pablo Durango, who will transform its window in Calle Recoletos 22 in collaboration with a group of students from the school.

Under the title Drag Up, Durango proposes to develop a research experience on self-identity through drag and 3D creation tools. Using our own body and contemporary digital techniques, the students will build a series of characters, giving them their own narratives and characteristics.

This experience is conceived as a conceptual and playful drift, the ultimate aim of which is experimentation outside the system of traditional gender categories. An investigation of self-listening and speculative fiction where the "I" is mutable and the self-narrative a blank canvas. Playing at being other and imagining the possibilities of our identity in other physical-digital worlds.

Pablo Durango (1988, Madrid) graduated in BBAA UCM in 2014 and combines their artistic work with their drag work under the pseudonym "Onyx". Their work is represented by House of Chappaz Gallery. They have been selected in Generation 2022 of La Casa Encendida with their work "Cyberia". In 2020 they have been the beneficiary of a residency in the Centre of Artistic Residencies of Matadero Madrid for the production of their work "Embodiment Essays". They also received a production grant from Madrid City Council for their work "Anticorpus Manifesto". In September of the same year they participated in the exhibition "Del todo imposible" at the Sala de Arte Joven with their piece "Nave Casandra" and a workshop with the same name.