MMMAD 2020

The ‘beta’ edition of MMMAD took place during Madrid Art Week 2020 with the 'Digital Art Urban Actions', a series of events that took place all over the city between the 24th of February and the 1st of March.

A selection of 27 digital artists and creators showed their work through an expanded exhibition on all the city's digital screens, a micro-residency of instagram filters, a round table on digital art and urban space and an event-party-exhibition that brought together Madrid's emerging cultural scene.

#MMMADartists 2020

ALV Adina · Álvaro Chior · Andrea Muniaín · Clara Cebrián · Claudia Maté · Daniel Canogar · DJ Liada · Filip Custic · Gabriel G. Regües · Jenova · Jesu Moratiel · Lola Zoido · Lucia Tahan · Marian Garrido · Marta Moya · Matteo Caro · Mit Borrás · Nacho Limpo · Nina Muro · Pau Jimenez · Raquel Villa · Sergio del Castillo · Solimán López · Teresa Rofer · Víctor Arce · Yarza Twins · Yosi Negrín

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‘20 windows connect the physical world with the virtual world through 20 works by 20 artists and creators linked to the city of Madrid who reflect on identity, relationships, existence, the body, ecology, physical laws or the city.' Rubén Manrique, NEO2

‘Digital art has invaded the streets of Madrid. Shapes reminiscent of human bodies, natural, three-dimensional or urban spaces, made with pixels, will displace advertising every minute for ten seconds at 25 bus stops in Madrid.’Lucía Aísa, El País