MMMAD 2023

In 2023 we celebrate the fourth edition of MMMAD the Madrid Urban Digital Art Festival, transforming the city into the international capital of digital art and new media during the month of May. In this edition we put the focus on the diverse community of creators and audiences, generating a space for meeting, exchange of ideas and celebration around the most avant-garde artistic practices.

We continued to claim the role of the public space as a cultural space, extending our collaboration with the urban screens of Madrid; we delved into some of the most relevant issues in the sector, creating spaces for collective thinking around digital practices; we expanded our international collaborations by working with strategic agents; we collaborated with independent spaces that build the cultural fabric of the city; and with the intention of democratising access to culture and reaching diverse audiences, all the exhibitions and activities in this edition were free of charge.

Artists and participants 2023

Alba Triana · Alberto de Juan · ALV Adina · Álvaro Chior · Andrea Muniáin · Andreas Nicolas Fischer · Andrés Rizo · Arturo Moya · Bora · Cavecanems · Dirk Koy · Elodie Anglade · Enrique Agudo · Enrique del Castillo · Entangled Others · Excómplice · Florence To · Guli Silberstein · Hsiang-Yun Huang · Jaap Drupsteem · Julia Kaganskiy · Kirsten Swensen · Krista Kim · Lauren Moffat · Linda Dounia · Lola Zoido · Lucia Cordero · Manel De Aguas · María Brancós · Marlena Kudlicka · Martina Menegon · Mayte Gómez · Mit Borras · Momu & No Es · Operator · Pablo Durango · Pandelis Diamantides · Patricia Gloum · Pau Jimenez · Rachel Lamot · Rafaël Rozendaal · Razorade · Roberta Bosco · Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+) · Ryoichi Kurokawa · Sarah Elawad · Teresa Fernández Pello · Tomás Saraceno · Yosi Negrin · Zimoun

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