Endless Interior, group exhibition

Space: Casa Antillón (C. del Chimbo 12, 28025 Madrid)

Dates: 9–31 May, 2024. 
Schedule: to schedule a guided tour, write us to hola@mmmad.art

Students: Ana Karina Zepeda, Célia Tourette, Cloé Eischen, David Röder, Emma Canton, Frida Law, Giada Pettenati, Jaemo Lee, Kristina Kambolova, Larisa Coman, Navya Balakrishnan, Sawako Bolch, Sofia Tapia.

"Endless Interior" invites visitors to traverse the intricate digital landscapes that unfold within the virtual realm. Through nine immersive virtual reality artworks, this exhibition explores the concept of interior space in the digital context. From the fusion of cultural traditions and futuristic landscapes to the exploration of human-machine hybrids, each artwork challenges conventional notions of space and perception.

As visitors navigate through the digital corridors of "Endless Interior", they are enveloped in a world where boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Through captivating visuals, evocative soundscapes, and thought-provoking concepts, the exhibition delves into the boundless potential of the digital interior. Whether contemplating the balance of harmony and diversity or pondering the nature of creation and destruction, viewers are invited to explore the endless possibilities that unfold within the digital realm.

This exhibition presents a series of speculative VR design projects developed by students of the MAIA Master of Arts in Interior Architecture at HEAD – Genève in the seminar 'The interiors of digital space' tutored by HYPER STUDIO.