Ethereal Fleeting, Lukas Truniger

→ May 7–31
→ Free accesss  Mon-Fri at 9-21h and Sat at 9-14h
→ Opening May 7, 12:00. With the presence of the artist .

→ Gardens of Goethe-Institut Madrid (C. de Zurbarán, 21, 28010 Madrid)

Goethe-Institut Madrid joins MMMAD's program one more year presenting in its gardens the installation 'Ethereal Fleeting' by Swiss artist Lukas Truniger. This project is supported by the Swiss Foundation for Culture Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Embassy.

A continuous series of clouds, generated by a silvery machine-like sculpture, float above their surroundings and then slowly dissolve into the air again. This seemingly natural phenomenon is observed in strangely repetitive patterns. Their formation is effectively programmed and hides an algorithmic poem, encoded in the winds. The air is used as an ephemeral storage medium, the contents of which gradually dissolve over time. It is a metaphor for our modern societies: we constantly write our stories in the atmosphere - both consciously and unconsciously - manifesting energy in tangible, albeit transitory, forms.

This installation was first presented at the Burning Man festival (USA, 2018) and has been shown at festivals such as Mirage (France, 2019), Ars Electronica (Austria, 2020) or Light Art Grindewald (Switzerland, 2020), among others.