Intersection, Dirk Koy

Roca Madrid Gallery --> 11 May – 9 Jun, 2023

Roca Madrid Gallery is once again part of the MMMAD Festival for the third consecutive year, on this occasion with a solo exhibition by Swiss artist Dirk Koy who, under the title 'Intersection', will present a selection of works that investigate the intersections of urban space and nature and the real and digital worlds, all of them adapted to the unique screens of the space. This project is supported by the Swiss Foundation for Culture Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Embassy.

The exhibition begins outside, on the huge screen overlooking José Abascal Street, with 'salvage', a work that explores the search for the pictorial component in digital animation, with visual references to urban planning and music. The exhibition continues inside, with a selection of 25 video works related to the urban, including the series 'Fixed' and 'Shape studies'. A new version of the work 'ground' will also be presented, a piece generated from the 3D scanning of a tree trunk, whose bark is transformed into geometric shapes: a natural randomness meets a digital randomness. It is a 3D video piece that uses the anaglyph technique. Finally, the curved screen in the Wellness room will show the work 'Intersect', whose title derives from the English verb "to intersect", which means to cut, to divide, but at the same time it also means to converge and intersect. The film is a visual investigation of the interface between the real and the virtual world in 5 chapters.

Dirk Koy is a Swiss artist who uses different technologies such as drones, 2D and 3D animation, photogrammetry, augmented reality or virtual reality to create digital moving images. He investigates the interface between reality and virtuality, searching for the pictorial component in the digital context. Experimentation plays a fundamental role in his work, inspired by nature, architecture and spatiality. His work has been exhibited, among others, at the Art Center Nabi in Seoul, at the HeK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel, at the "Supernova" festival in Denver or at the FILE Festival in São Paulo. In 2019, Dirk Koy received the Basel Media Art Prize for the work "ground" and in 2022 the work "Intersect" won the Animation Off-Limits prize at the Annecy Animation Film Festival. / @dirkkoy