Invisible cities, solo exhibition by Balkan Karışman

→ May 5–31 
→ M-F from 10-14h and 16-19h
→ Opening May 5, 19:00. We will feature a live session by Balkan Karışman + ALV Adina .

→ Roca Madrid Gallery (C. de José Abascal, 57, 28003 Madrid)

Roca Madrid Gallery is once again part of MMMAD Festival with a solo exhibition by Turkish artist Balkan Karışman, whose work explores themes such as urban culture, glitch art and futurism. In his work, Karışman mixes the past and the future, the real and the surreal, constructing evocative images of what cities will be like in the metaverse: a blurred mix between the physical and the digital. With the collaboration of composer Fırtına Kıral.

The exhibition will include his series 'Invisible Cities' in which he explores cities that have not existed in the past, nor are they a pure projection of the future; or 'The Flock' which reflects on the relationship between technology and nature. In addition, on the opening day we will present a live session with the Mexican music producer ALV Adina who will play electronic music with the visuals of Balkan Karışman live.

Roca Madrid Gallery is a meeting point where there is constant dialogue with society as a whole and with those professionals who share the concern and interest in innovation in the design of spaces, organizing presentations, professional meetings and events of interest on architecture, design and sustainability.