MMMAD Dome: music, performance and digital art live

→ May 26, 27 and 28, 18:00–22:00
→ DOMO360 (Av. Puerta de Hierro, 2, 28040 Madrid)

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We celebrate the connection between music and live digital art through the collaboration with DOMO360, a geodesic dome with 360 projection where we will perform a live VJ/DJ program combining visual artists with sound artists over three days.

The first day will feature Klaus and Turian Boy from the hyperpop label Vlex, with live visuals by Pablo Aragón; all the members of Casa Futura Drag - Onyx, Chex Nova, Saga, Alakrana, Férula de Descarga, Satanasa, Nenaza, Morgue - who will create a perform-audio-visual show, and the singer Marina Herlop who mixes classical music and experimental electronic, with live visuals by Enric Sant.

The second day will feature a show by Bora Murmure, alter ego of French artist, musician and performer Pauline Canavesio; Vigo DJ Akazie, focused on the post-club scene with live visuals by Shoeg. More to be confirmed.

The third day, we will present the immersive work Non-Face by Argentine digital artist Lucas Gutierrez and German musician Robert Lippok; the abstract sounds of an unconventional type of electronica by Yugen Kala with live visuals by Marta Verde and Juanma Lodo through the use of noise, repetition and analog image processing in real time. More to be confirmed.

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