MMMAD Minute: “My Friends Come From The Clouds”, Bora

Súper 8 Media --> 4–31 May, 2023

MMMAD Minute
is an initiative of MMMAD in collaboration with Súper 8 Media that was born in 2021 to claim the role of digital art in the public space. For the third consecutive year, the screens of the iconic Palacio de la Prensa will once again be transformed into huge digital canvases during the month of May.

In 2023 we present "My Friends Come From The Clouds" by French artist Bora. A series of four newly created videos curated by the festival in which the artist addresses themes such as identity and intimacy in the digital age. This work investigates imaginary landscapes as a way of navigating our reality through tenderness. An attempt at deconstruction and acceptance that invites us to show ourselves as we are, to reconstruct, rescue and enjoy our narratives.

BORA is an artist based in France. Her emotional cathedral is multidimensional: it is magical, unafraid of all it can be, all the forms it can embody and all the voices it can take. Her work is wide-ranging and draws on a multitude of references and media: sound, performance, painting, digital, video, sculpture and installation. Always questioning imagination, identity and intimacy. Imagination is her activism. In the flesh there are no longer bones, only the trace persists: that of the skin, its marks, its inscribed scars and its invisible pain. The living even if we sometimes avoid seeing it. A pact between water and fire: from those burning gazes cry rivers: your eyes rivers, rivers in your eyes. @boramurmure