MMMAD Talks, International Meeting on Digital Art Curation

La Casa Encendida --> 13 May, 2023

The Patio of La Casa Encendidawill host the international meeting on digital art curation 'MMMAD Talks' on Saturday 14 May with four international guests who are experts in this field: the Ukrainian curator Julia Kaganskiy, the Austrian curator and artist Martina Menegon, the Taiwanese researcher Hsiang-Yun Huang and the Swiss professor and designer Elodie Anglade. The meeting will culminate with a performance by the French visual artist and performer Bora, creator of the visual universe of MMMAD 2023.

A day in which the LCE’s Patio will become a space for thought and debate around digital art, vindicating and making visible the need for more meeting spaces around an artistic practice that apparently does not require a physical space. On this day we will focus on female professionals who are changing the international paradigm through critical perspectives of race and gender.

The day will begin on Saturday 13 May at 12:00 with a welcome from the festival directors, which will give way to the presentations and round tables with the guests and the public. At 18:45 we will close the meetings with the performance, until 19:30. Access will be free until full capacity is reached.

Since 2022 we have the support of AC/E Acción Cultural Española through the PICE Visitors programme, thanks to which we can enhance the international impact of the festival, creating more links between our artists in Madrid and major world professionals in the field of digital art.

12:00 --> Opening
12:15 --> Welcome by Diego Iglesias, co-director MMMAD
12:30 --> Julia Kaganskiy
13:00 --> Martina Menegon
13:30 --> Round table Julia and Martina with public
14:00–16:00 --> Lunch break
16:00 -->  Elodie Anglade
16:30 --> Emily Hsiang-Yun Huang
17:00 --> Round table Elodie and Emily with public
17:30–18:00 --> Networking with cerveza Turia
18:00–18:30 --> Performance Bora

Julia Kaganskiy is a Ukrainian curator and cultural strategist based in New York, specialising in contemporary art related to emerging technologies. She is currently general curator of LAS, a Berlin-based foundation dedicated to art, science and technology. She is also working on a forthcoming exhibition at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, scheduled to open in late 2023. Previously, she helped launch several innovative programmes, including The Creators Project, a media platform focused on art and technology from VICE and Intel, and NEW INC, the first museum-led cultural incubator, an initiative of the New Museum.
Emily Hsiang-Yun Huang is a curator and visual artist from Taiwan. She holds a BA in Philosophy from National Taiwan University (TW) and an MA in Media Studies from Leiden University (NL). Her research interests focus on the relationship between body and technology from the perspective of postcolonialism and digital materialism. Projects she has curated include Taipei Digital Art Festival-Fake It Real (2022), Embodied Interface (2020) and Uchronia (2020). As an artist, she often makes performances derived from her poetry on the vulnerability of human existence, with a focus on the female body, in-between identity and the circularity of time. Her works have been exhibited at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cinedance Festival at the Eye Museum in Amsterdam, among others.
Martina Menegon is a digital artist, curator and educator based in Vienna. She is a lecturer at the Department of Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she teaches "Digital Design and Virtuality". She is also Vice Director and Curator of the CIVA Festival of New Media Art and Director of Extended Reality and Curator of the "Virtual Art Area" at sound:frame. Her artistic practice focuses on creating intimate and complex assemblages of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its hybrid corporeality. 
Elodie Anglade is media and interaction designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is passionate about exploring the intersection between physical and digital spaces, avatars, and abstract concepts, and expresses these themes through colorful 3D imagery, videos and creative coding experiments. In addition to her work as a freelancer, Elodie also serves as an assistant at ECAL/Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne. Her portfolio has been showcased at various events, including the DEMO Festival, KIKK Festival, Genena International Film Festival, and Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023.
BORA is an artist based in France. Her emotional cathedral is multidimensional: it is magical, unafraid of all it can be, all the forms it can embody and all the voices it can take. Her work is wide-ranging and draws on a multitude of references and media: sound, performance, painting, digital, video, sculpture and installation. Always questioning imagination, identity and intimacy. Imagination is her activism. In the flesh there are no longer bones, only the trace persists: that of the skin, its marks, its inscribed scars and its invisible pain. The living even if we sometimes avoid seeing it. A pact between water and fire: from those burning gazes cry rivers: your eyes rivers, rivers in your eyes.