2x20ac, afterparty

→ May 5, 00:00-5:30
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→ MON Madrid (C. de Hilarión Eslava, 36, 28015 Madrid)

2x20ac is a young Madrid-based event that mixes art and party in the same space. Under the slogan "from the gallery to the club and from the club to the gallery", it is presented as a point of union; a common space between two environments that at first glance may not seem to have much to do, but their symbiosis benefits both spaces.

On this occasion, music and digital art will be mixed to celebrate the 2022 edition of MMMAD, showing the works of the exhibition 'In between the space of desert leaves and cold rays of light'.

Line up: Safu, uwu, Virgen Maria, Metrakit, metb2bpaul.