Opening MMMAD 2023

Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga --> 4 May, 2023

The fourth edition of MMMAD Festival Urbano de Arte Digital de Madrid opens on 4 May at 19h in the courtyard of the Espacio Cultural Serrería Belga, bringing together the entire creative community around the festival and presenting two live performances: Umbráfono by Enrique del Castillo and Transcending Species by Manel De Aguas. We will also inaugurate the collective exhibition kasdfñasd in the nave Ceniceros of Serrería Belga, with works by Enrique Agudo, Teresa Fernández-Pello, Andrea Muniaín, Yosi Negrín and Lola Zoido.

Due to capacity issues, access will be restricted with prior registration. More details coming soon.
Umbráfono is a project by Enrique del Castillo (Jaén, 1982) that consists of a performance with an optical reader capable of transforming luminous stimuli projected onto a photosensitive cell into sound. These stimuli are generated by a beam of light passing through celluloid film. This project is based on the optical-analogue reading system used in the cinema since 1919 to interpret the soundtracks that form part of films. The pieces that make up the soundtracks have been designed and manufactured by the author, as well as the films used, which are original compositions without copies.
Manel De Aguas (Barcelona, 1996) is a trans-species and cyborg artist, activist, producer and performer based in Berlin, best known for having developed and installed deep L sensory fins on his head. The fins, formally known as "Weather Fins", allow him to hear atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity through implants on each side of his head. His artistic practice includes music production and performance, where he explores weather through sound by offering audiences a sonic experience of the atmosphere. Transcending Species is the title of De Aguas' forthcoming self-produced album and also the name of the show in which the artist performs the songs on the album, which explore different chapters of De Aguas' cyborg transition under a veil of hyperpop, trance and ambient sounds.