Sediment Nodes and Ipseity, Entangled Others and Enrique Agudo

IE Tower --> 24 Abr – 31 May, 2023

IE University, through the IE Foundation and its Arts and Humanities Division, joins MMMAD Festival for the first time with two installations by international digital artists: 'Sediment Nodes' by Entangled Others and 'Ipseity' by Enrique Agudo. The works will be located in different spaces of IE Tower, the vertical, innovative and sustainable campus of IE University in Madrid.

‘Sediment Nodes' is a work by the collective Entangled Others, composed of Feileacan McCormick and Sofía Crespo, which explores themes such as ecology, artificial life forms and generative art, with a strong emphasis on giving new, more-than-human forms a presence and life in digital space. This work uses artificial intelligence to imagine what happens in opaque, sediment-laden waters. This cloud of suspended inorganic matter is, in fact, a multitude: the inorganic particles of silt, clay and sand are hosts and neighbours to algae, bacteria, organic matter, microorganisms and larger, albeit smaller, life forms that find sustenance and shelter in the dark.

'Ipseity' is an installation of 8 digital paintings by new media artist Enrique Agudo, which present visualisations of contemporary notions of identity through the representation of new deities and their environments, presenting allegorical scenes about the human self and our relationship with technology. These scenes create generative animations connected to real-time data in which the digital and the physical connect, reflect and question the role of technology in the distortion or magnification of our self-perception and our place in the world, and how it might be thought of as a generator of human culture, a tool for the expansion of human identity and not merely as a damning resource with an apocalyptic price tag.

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