The Day the Universe Changed, group exhibition

Galería Max Estrella --> 14 Apr – 3 Jun, 2023

Galería Max Estrella joins for the first time MMMAD Festival, presenting the group exhibition The Day the Universe Changed, with works by artists Marlena Kudlicka, Arturo Moya, Tomás Saraceno, Alba Triana and Zimoun.

The title is inspired by the BBC television series The Day the Universe Changed. Broadcasted in 1985, the ten episodes, written and presented by the scientific historian James Burke, presented major technological and scientific milestones from the Middle Ages to the present. The central thesis invited the audience to reflect on the essence of reality and its dependence on our ability to perceive. The latter changes as technological developments expand the frontiers of knowledge, changing the universe itself.

The works included in this exhibition challenge the viewer to be aware of the limitations of our reach when it comes to understanding the world around us, both on an individual and collective human level. From a position of humility, the exhibition aims to open our predisposition to understand those forces that affect us, even if they are imperceptible or go unnoticed, and to reorient our models of coexistence as our perception of reality becomes more accurate.