The Stone of Madness, Lola Zoido

Space: TAI Escuela de Artes (C. de Recoletos 22, 28001 Madrid)

Dates: 9 – 31 May, 2024. Open 24/7 from the street.

Artist: Lola Zoido, in collaboration with students from TAI: Arantza Sousa, Azahar Elena, Cleo’s Dad, Cristina Zamrik, Filo, Grecia Calapuja, Jota, Luciano Beltrán, Manuel Carrasco, Marco Kaubisch, Nailuj, Natalia Colina, Paula Romero, Sofia Escribano.

At TAI Escuela de Artes we are once again developing a collaborative workshop with students, taught on this occasion by the artist Lola Zoido, which will lead to a phygital installation located in its shop window in the Salamanca neighbourhood. Bosch represented in "The extraction of the stone of madness" an ancient practice based on the belief that there was an element within the individual that did not allow him to see reality clearly, and had to be removed. On the other hand, Benjamin Labatut in his book "The Stone of Madness" talks about the strange texture that human experience is acquiring today and how what surrounds us is beginning to take on forms that we don't know whether to believe in or not. The rise of the digital today intertwines physical and digital realities as never before, coexisting with us in every aspect. For this workshop, we propose not to extract those stones, which could well be our mobile devices, but to polish them, carve them and play at adding another layer to this new reality that we can only see through screens.