The virtual luck, immersive screening

Space: Taller de Ideas (C. del Cardenal Cisneros 74, 28010 Madrid)

Date: 16 May, 2024. Schedule: 18-21h. Free access until full capacity is reached.

Curated by: Amaya Hernández and José Delgado Periñán / Tutor: Cele Díaz

Students: coming soon

Students of the Degree in Digital Art and Multimedia at Nebrija University present a unique exhibition entitled The virtual luck.For one day, the large-format curved screen of the Taller de Ideas will become a large digital canvas on which their works will be projected, exploring the implications of this dichotomy in the artistic and technological spheres.

This fifth edition of the MMMAD Festival delves into the contradictions inherent in the digital world, challenging conventional perceptions and addressing the dilemmas that arise with every click or scroll on our screens. More than an exhibition of technical skills, The virtual luck is a space for collective reflection on the role of technology in shaping our societies and our identities, and particularly on the impact that artificial intelligence will have on them.

From utopian visions that celebrate technology as a tool for achieving perfection to critiques that warn of its adverse effects, the works presented in this exhibition explore a broad spectrum of responses to the fundamental question: to what extent are we willing to cede control to digital algorithms and systems?

Through creativity and experimentation, the students invite us to immerse ourselves in a visual and sound journey where immediacy and uncertainty are palpable in works riddled with labyrinths, glitches and deformations, challenging our perceptions and questioning our certainties. The virtual luck explores, in short, the complexities of our relationship with the digital and the possibilities that open up when we dare to click into the unknown.