"My Friends Come From The Clouds"

MMMAD 2023 × Bora

Each year we curate the image of the festival as a new digital artwork, collaborating with an artist from the previous edition. On this occasion the selected artist has been  BORA, alter-ego of French artist Pauline Canavesio, whose work deals with themes such as identity and intimacy in the physical-digital context.

Celestial Castle Bodies, dancefloor full of morphing clouds. Our bodies transformed into sentient castles, vibrant architectures of beings. A refuge for our dreams, echoing our impermanence. Castles are made of flesh.

« My Friends Come From The Clouds » is a piece investing imaginative landscapes as a way to navigate our reality with tenderness, an attempt on deconstruction and acceptance. It invites us to come as we are, commune and dance with our narratives.